About me

About me

Hello friends! Welcome to hindihe.com. in this, About me section, you will find who is behind hindihe.com. In this blog, you will find a lot of helpful and knowledgeable information related to Digital Marketing, Blogging, YouTube, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media, and many more. however, Here you can also find out how to make money in our national language and which is Hindi.

About hindihe.com

I have seen that people always searching on Google about online business. but they don’t find the perfect solution for their queries. because still there is not much information available on these topics on Google. if you find any information then it must be in the English language.

Most people do not prefer the English language. Therefore, through this Hindi blog, I am trying to give everything that people looking for.

Therefore, through this blog, I will try to put valuable information about digital marketing, online business, and many more.

Purpose of the blog

My biggest objective and intention behind creating the hindihe.com blog is to make people aware of the current trends. What is that current trend? the current trend is nothing but blogging, digital marketing, and online business. therefore I am here to explain to all of you the benefits of blogging and how you grow your business on your own.

still, many people don’t know what is blogging and how blogging helpful for them to grow themselves.

As you know digital marketing is going to a very popular way to boost their business. Nowadays every industry takes the digital platform to promote its business and it is increasing day by day.

Therefore, the demand for digital marketing jobs is also increasing very fast. Hence through this blog, I want to give some valuable tips and tricks that will help you to start a career in blogging or digital marketing.

Here you can find the basic information about blogging, digital marketing, the internet, computer, and many more.

About the Author

My name is Pranab Mohanty and I am the founder and author of hindihe.com. I am an engineering graduate from Odisha currently working as Asst. Professor in a reputed Engineering college. but by passion, I am a blogger and Youtuber.